Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Seems like the good old YOOKAY is messing up its kids: (see BBC report link below).


Yeah, as the poet, Philip Larkin said; 'They fuck you up, your mum and dad....' And how.

I was appalled on Sat night to learn from my daughter, returning from a party with some old friends from the local ('outstanding') state comp in Truro (and, purportedly, the best in county...) that half the girls - just 14 - had had bikehehindthebikesheds sex and thought it was Ok to keep a tally....I thought of those little girls who came to tea with us here, only a few short years ago.....Heartened, though, to learn that my girl thought they were a load of numpties, and even more heartened to hear that it was the children of lone parents (those whom Local Packet 'writers' like to lambast as being responsible for all social ills, esp here on the Celtic fringe, where teenage pregnancy can indeed be a career choice....) who were saving themselves till 16.